Power System OPPC fitting

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Application Guidance Of OPPC Cable Fittings

1. Preparations before the construction of OPPC

1.1 Data preparation: related data path diagram (voltage, conductor, earth wire, insulator, tower parameter) of this transmission line, the tower line span list and local hydrological and meteorological conditions.

1.2 Confirmation of the construction plan: the construction unit draws up the construction plan (or the operation instruction, OPPC construction schedule) according to the general situation of the project, routing situation, structural parameters of OPPC, etc.,

1.3 Preparation of installation tools: our company will provide a list of construction tools according to the routing situation.

1.4 Field test and acceptance of OPPC and fittings: it should be carried out under the participation of the owner, construction supervisor, constructors, and representatives of the factory, and the model and quantity of OPPC and fittings should be checked.

1.5 Opening test of OPPC: use the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) to test the fiber, and record and save the test parameters.

1.6 Construction technology training: the construction operator and the test personnel should be effectively trained by the technique personnel or the construction supervisor, and onsite operation demonstration, and discussion of construction scheme under special conditions are necessary.

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