Optical Fiber Composite Power Cable

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Optical fiber composite insulated power cable for low voltages (OPLC) is a new type of photoelectric composite cable for low voltage power lines, and has double functions as ordinary low voltage cable and communication cable. The structure of OPLC integrates the fiber and copper wire of transmission and distribution, it uses fiber composite low voltage cable as well as passive optical network technology to achieve fiber to the home (FTTH), undertake the power information collection service of resident users in information intranet, and satisfy the information extranet, multi-network integration service required by intelligent power grid informatization, automation and interactivity.

Product advantages

♦ It integrates the fiber and power transmission and distribution cable, avoids the second wiring, and can effectively reduce the cost of construction and network development.

♦ Suitable for various business types; strong adaptability; strong expansibilily; wide range of product adaptation.

♦ Strong mechanical properly, such as impact resistance, good pressure resistance, and strong environmental adaptability.

♦ Green and extraordinary safety property.

♦ Optical unit is compatible with the long working temperature of the power cable.

♦ The cost of OPLC is increased by less than 10% of that of traditional low vottage cable, and the cost of FTTH project of OPLC would be reduced by around 40% of the composite cost of the traditional power cable plus optical cable line project.

Application Places:

1.Electricity Distribution Room to Low voltage feeder box

♦flame retardancy requirement: flame retardant (code: ZR)

♦ insulating material: cross-linked polyethylene (code: YJ)

♦ sheath material: polyvinyl chloride (code: V)

♦ cable category: three- phase four-wire and three- phase and five-wire

♦ optical unit model: nonmetal central tube all- dry optical unit (code: XG), nonmetal central tube gel filled optical unit (code: XTG)

2. Low voltage feeder box to user ammeter

♦ flame retardancy requirement: flame retardant (code: ZR)

♦ insulating material: cross-linked polyethylene (code: YJ), polyvinyl chloride (code:V)

♦ sheath material: polyvinyl chloride (code: V)

♦ armoring requirement: double copper strip (code: 2)

♦ outer sheath requirement: polyvinyl chloride (code: 2)

♦ optical unit model: nonmetal central tube all-dry optical unit (code: XG)

♦ cable category: single phase three-wire, three-phase four- wire

3. user ammeter to users' indoor

♦ flame retardancy requirement: flame retardant (code: ZR), zero halogen low smoke flame retardant category C (code: WDZC)

♦ insulating material: polyethylene (code: 丫),polyvinyl chloride (code: V)

♦ sheath material:polyethylene (code: 丫 ), polyvinyl chloride (code: V)

♦ optical unit model: nonmetal central tube all-dry optical unit (code: XG), bow-type optical unit (code: BG)

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