Overhead wire antiseptic grease

Product description

◎ Oufeili overhead wire anticorrosive oil is made by thickening fatty acid soap and adding anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-oxidation and other additives. It is prepared by special process and has excellent anti-corrosion performance and colloidal stability.

◎The special anti-corrosion grease for steel strands produced by the company since 2001 is the first manufacturer to replace imported grease in China. At the same time, the company participated in the development of a new national standard for anti-corrosion grease for overhead conductors. The product performance complies with the new GB/T36292-2018 standard and the BS EN50326-2002 standard.

Application range

◎ It is suitable for anti-corrosion lubrication protection of bare metal wires and overhead transmission lines in outdoor environment. In particular, long-lasting anti-corrosion lubrication protection with strict requirements on the colloidal stability of the grease.

Performance characteristics

◎Excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, protect the bare bare wires and overhead transmission lines from the harsh environment of the outside;

◎Excellent oxidation stability and anti-aging properties to ensure long-term effective service life of grease;

◎Excellent anti-emulsification performance, can effectively prevent corrosion of bare wires under the conditions of wet environment;

◎ Excellent high and low temperature performance and colloidal stability, no cracking at low temperature, no oil under high temperature conditions.

Product Category

◎OFL20A120, OFL20A180, OFL20A240 and other grades can be provided. It can also provide lower temperature OFL40A series grease, and can also customize different high and low temperature grease grades according to customer requirements, which is classified into OFL5000.

Typical data

Some product technical indicators

Project technical indicators

OFL20A120 OFL20A180 OFL20A240

Cone penetration (25 ° C) 1/10mm 260 260 260

Dropping point °C 188 265 330

Pressure oil (1h, 100g)% 0 (120 °C) 0 (180 °C) 0 (240 ° C)

Steel mesh oil (1h)% 0 (120 °C) 0 (180 °C) 0 (240 ° C)

Low temperature adhesion (-20 °C) No cracking No cracking No cracking

Aging test cone penetration rate 12% 12% 12%

Corrosion test (number of stages) 10 10 10

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