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Aluminum-clad steel wire, commonly abbreviated as AW or AS or AC.

AW : Aluminum-clad steel wire as per ASTM B 502 Standard.

AS : Aluminum-clad steel wire as per IEC 61232 Standard.

AC : Aluminum-clad steel wire as per AS 3607 Standard.

The covered aluminum steel wire for compression, internationally known as Alumoweld or ACS, is a wire of high resistance whose cover is carried through an extrusion process, that adheres the aluminum by pressure and heat.

Manufacture of bare overhead conductor, OPGW, ground wire,Overhead ground wire, messenger wire, guy wire, formed wire for protecting, terminating and splicing transmission and distribution lines,shield wire protecting transmission lines against lightning damage fence, barber wire and hardware.

Alumo-clad steel wire and strand is used by power utilities as well as formed wire and optical ground wire manufacturers.


ACSR/AW Core Wire and Strand

Its high strength, excellent conductivity, impressive corrosion resistance and compatibility with solid aluminum wire make aluminum clad steel products highly desirable as a reinforcing material for ACSR conductors (ACSR/AW). 

Formed Wire

Aluminum coated products are made with a special, malleable steel core in its formed wire solution. When used with other connectors and anchors, you guarantee a metallurgical compatibility that eliminates conflicts between dissimilar metals and matches the life expectancy of the conductor or guy wire. 

Guy Wire

Aluminum guy wire is non-rusting, high-strength for electrical distribution and transmission lines, communications and signal lines, antenna towers, masts, stacks and other structures. The high tensile strength of this lightweight strand is permanently protected against corrosion by a thick cladding of aluminum. 

Messenger Wire

Communications cables require the same superior grade of messenger strand as power cables. Messenger wire ensures a long life, will not rust and maintains its original strength. 

Overhead Ground Wire

Aluminum clad steel overhead ground wires offer protection against lightning for transmission lines carrying large blocks of power while providing a combination of conductivity, corrosion resistance and high strength.


based upon international standard IEC6 1232, EN 61.232 and ASTM B-415 ASTM B502



Aluminum clad steel product features include:

Corrosion resistant in industrial, semi-industrial and marine environments

Superior to aluminized steel


Same tensile strength as extra high strength steel but weighs 15 percent less

Excellent conductivity–much more conductive than galvanized steel and aluminum 

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