Aluminum brushed oil OFL-203

Product description

◎ Oufeili Aluminum Wire Drawing Oil is made up of highly refined base oil with antioxidants, nano-expanding anti-wear agents, compound oily agents and other additives.

◎ This series of products can improve the surface condition of aluminum wire and mold, increase the drawing speed, reduce mold wear, reduce energy consumption, extend the service life of mold and wire roller, ensure the surface quality of aluminum wire and improve labor productivity.

Application range

◎Applicable to the wire and cable industry, as a lubricant and coolant when drawing aluminum wire.

Performance characteristics

◎Excellent lubricity, reducing the friction coefficient between steel and aluminum and aluminum and aluminum, greatly extending the service life of the mold;

◎ Good thermal stability and rust resistance, prolong oil change cycle and improve production efficiency;

◎Wire and cable manufacturing is used for large and medium-stretching of aluminum wire, and the surface is bright and does not change color.

◎ The surface of the wire is free of oil, and the surface has less aluminum ash, which is easy to clean and reduce defects such as beads, bright spots and exposed aluminum.


◎ Aluminum wire drawing oil has a shelf life of 1 year at room temperature.

◎ Prevent foreign matter pollution during use and storage, waterproof, moisture-proof, and prevent the incorporation of mechanical impurities;

◎ Do not mix with other oils.

◎ During the use, impurities such as aluminum powder should be removed regularly.

Typical data

Project quality index test method

Kinematic viscosity (40 ° C), mm2 / s 133.5 GB / T265

Maximum cardless bite load PB value, kgf 107 GB/T3142

Flash point, °C 226 GB/T3536

Moisture, % trace GB/T260

Pour point, °C -8 GB/T510

Corrosion test (aluminum wire, 50±5°C, 24h) Qualified SH/T 0195

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