Optical Fiber Composite Ground Wire OPGW

    OPGW overhead ground wire

    ADSS fiber optic cable

    Manufacturer Supplier from China

    Optical ground wire on power transmission lines

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Optical fiber composite ground wire (OPGW), as an advanced communication mode of power system and with unique advantages, has been widely laid in the old and new Lines in our country.


OPGW has distinct features as follows

♦ It has double functions as ground wire and communication optical cable, and eliminates the huge cost of repeat erection.

♦ It is installed on the top of the aerial power line tower, there is no need to consider the best hanging point or electrocorrosion.

♦ In the transformation process of the old line, the diameter of the optical cable and pull-weight ratio can match well with another earth wire.

♦ Large transmission capacity, high communication quality and good reliability.

♦ Excellent mechanical and electrical property

♦Good security property, long service life, and hard to be damaged by gun shot


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