Three Core Medium Voltage Power Cable

    3.8/6.6kV-19/33kV or 1.8/3kV-26/35kV

    Aluminium/Copper Conductor,Conductor Screen, 

    XLPE insulated,Insulation screen, Metallic Screen,

    PVC/PE/LSZH Sheath. Optional: Armour

    If you don´t find a suitable cable, we will design it for you acc. to your individual requests.


The three core cables are designed for distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage Uo/U ranging from 3.6/6.6KV to 19/33KV and frequency 50Hz.

They are suitable for installation mostly in power supply stations, indoors and in cable ducts, outdoors, underground and in water as well as for installation on cable trays for industries, switchboards and power stations.


Three Core Medium Voltage Power Cable2.pngThree Core Medium Voltage Power Cable.png 



Plain annealed copper or aluminium complying with IEC 60228/BS 6360. Copper conductors shall be stranded (class 2) and aluminium conductors shall be either solid or stranded (class 2).

Conductor Screen

Extruded layer of semi-conducting cross-linkable compound is applied over the conductor and shall cover the surface completely. The minimum thickness is 0.3mm and the maximum resistivity shall not exceed 500 Ohm-m at 90°C.


Insulation is of cross-linked polyethylene compound XLPE (GP8) conforming to BS 7655-1.3 or EPR (GP7), conforming to BS 7655-1.2.

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