Thermal-resistant Aluminium-alloy Conductor TACSR (/ AW)

    TACSR conductors are recommended for new lines for high power transfer requirements.

    AW Type has excellent rustless characteristics

    Galvanised steel core wire /Zinc-coated Steel Wire / Aluminum-clad Steel Wire(AW) - for ACSR


TACSR Conductors are very similar in construction to a conventional ACSR conductor but the EC Grade Aluminum wires are replaced with Hard Drawn Aluminum wires of Heat Resistant Aluminum Alloy (generally known as TAL ) . TACSR can be safely operated continuously above 150℃ enabling to pump more current through the conductor. Where there is a need to transmit higher power but restrictions on getting new power corridors approved, various Types of TAL conductors are one of the best creative solution options to utilities. Ability of the Zirconium doped aluminum alloy to maintain its electrical and mechanical properties at elevated temperatures makes these conductors a very cost effective solution in refurbishing the existing lines with enhanced capacity.

TACSR (/AW) is used for overhead electric power transmission lines. Big city, seaside district, moisture area etc.



• Core(St, AW): Zinc-coated Steel Wire / Aluminum-clad Steel Wire(AW) : 14% ~ 40% AW

• Conductor(TAI) : Thermal Resistant Aluminum Alloy Wire used for continuously allowable temperature up to 150℃


New aluminium alloys having high thermal resistance can carry 50%-60% more current than ACSR of the same size, while maximum sag and maximum working tension remains almost the same as that of ACSR.

● Can carry 50%-60% more current than ACSR of the same size.

● Higher capacity new lines can be built to deal with future demands.

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