OPGW Cable AL- Clad SST Structure

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♦ In order to prevent electrochemical corrosion caused by galvanic effect, which is caused by the different metal conductors of OPGW contacting each other, we have designed and developed a new kind of OPGW with aluminum clad stainless steel tube optical unit, this kind of optical cable does not need antiseptic gel to resist the electrocorrosion.

♦ Aluminum clad stainless steel tube optical unit: this new type of stainless steel tube is made by coating a layer of aluminum on the surface of the common stainless steel tube, its total outer diameter, according to different specifications, ranges from 5.0mm to 7.2mm, and it can contain 48 cores of fiber at most.

♦ In order to avoid stress of the fiber in the loose tube, the excess length of the fiber should be greater than 0.4%, and it is generally designed between 0.40% to 0.70% on the basis of theoretical calculation and the operation situation of the practical line.

♦ Due to the optical unit loose tube containing a layer of aluminum, a part of the current is permitted to pass through the optical unit loose tube, which would increase the total short-circuit current capacity of the optical cable.


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